What Is Personal Coaching?

If you’re asking yourself questions such as “who am I?” and “what am I doing here?”, you may benefit from working with a Life Coach. Perhaps you want to do something different, but you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do next, but you don’t have the time, focus or bandwidth to think clearly and map a path forward? Maybe you’ve been trying to move in a new direction for a while, but fear of failure is keeping you stuck.

Perhaps you dream of a life with more joy, creativity, intellectual challenge, travel, time in nature or new experiences, but you don’t believe it’s possible for you. Life coaching can help you gain clarity and create a clear path forward.


My clients are ambitious creative people with heart who want to live with intention.

They’re unique thinkers, doers, creators, leaders, healers,and seekers who have already achieved great success in their lives but want help with the next step.

They are gracious people who want to make life better for themselves, and others, and want to spend more time on activities and projects that speak to their soul.

Is this you?


In our work, I will help you to destroy your limiting beliefs — with action. By taking simple steps, it’s possible to quickly overcome any limiting belief. Believe in yourself—face the brutal facts—take action, and your limiting beliefs will stop controlling your life.


Transitions like graduating school, starting a new job, retiring, divorce etc. force folks into uncomfortable situations.
Coaching helps you shed outdated ideas, relationships, or lifestyles, so you can relinquish views and versions of yourself that block life’s flow.


The definition of self-discovery depends on what type of self you want to find. Working with me, we depart from the purely physical, and the concept of self becomes rich and complex. The “Who am I?” question branches into inquiries of purpose, role and responsibility.

I Offer Two Types Of Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching


The path back to yourself — Contemplative Guidance is my Spiritual Life Coaching program. You’ll contemplate what you truly want, so that you can make powerful choices about your life.

Buddhist Life Coaching


This program helps you to live freely and prepares you to study Buddhism. You’ll reflect on your values, spiritual motivations, core beliefs, identity, and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

The role of a Life Coach is to receive you with presence and non-judgmental awareness so that you can deepen your learning about yourself.

A coach will help you uncover your values, see what habits and intentions drive your life, and formulate actions that move you toward desired outcomes.


Just about everyone benefits from Life Coaching. (As long as they are cognitively able and willing to participate in the process.)

Studies show that research-based coaching techniques work for people who want to make lasting changes in their lives through personal insight, and goal attainment.


Having a Life Coach helps you regain control of your time and supports you in designing your life.

A coach helps you gain more clarity and confidence, which, in turn, helps you to communicate well and to act effectively.

Some of the results our clients have achieved include:

  • A more rewarding job
  • Moving to the city of their dreams
  • Securing a significant pay raise
  • Living free of social conditioning and norms
  • Serious spiritual practice
  • Completion of an award-winning project
  • Family and children

Mistakes are expensive.

Diving in deep into a project in the wrong direction without a strategy is costly and painful.

Coaching is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation and is worth it if you recognize and value personal growth and your innate potential as a human being.

A Life Coach can help you set and achieve goals, get a handle on your time management, guide self-discovery, achieve balance and self-care, identify your career values, be an accountability partner and support you in your efforts to achieve your life’s goals.


A therapist is focused on the past, whereas a coach is action-oriented and focused on the future.

Although we’re based in New York City all of our sessions are carried out over the phone or via video call.

This makes the sessions incredibly flexible and means you can go about your day to day life without having to worry about scheduling in some life coaching in NYC.

It also means we’re happy to speak to clients who live in other areas of the United States.



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