Lookin for a Life Coach in NYC?


Hiring a life coach in New York City can help you take daunting transitions ​​like a health crisis, a divorce, or a career change and turn them into enormous opportunities for creative growth–an essential activity to master if you want to flourish in the modernist landscape where you live and work.

Whether you are interested in achieving your professional goals, feeling stuck in some aspect of life, or undergoing a health, relationship, or career transition, a professional Life Coach can help you find your way forward.

Stop mindlessly floating through other people’s agendas and get clarity on your values, choices, identity, and your position in the world. Learn how to use your life in the best, most meaningful way to help culture and society flourish.

Your NYC life coach can show you how to build your life around health, education, and integrated wellness, and reinvigorate society with meaningful human relationships-including our relationship with the earth, and all beings–based on trust, love, and respect.

Picture of Rev. Soken Graf

I'm Soken Graf

For the past 10 years, as a Life Coach in Manhattan, I have coached executives at some of New York’s most prestigious firms as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, designers, and professionals across the globe. My clients tend to hire an NYC life coach to help them find the big picture in the Big Apple.

I believe that Life Coaching is a new vehicle that’s coming into maturity as the result of profound global changes and that it can be used to help people live mindfully–as opposed to mindlessly–to evolve more reliable, higher, more conscious, present, aware, and motivated versions of themselves.


What Can Life Coaching Help You Achieve?

I have helped people like you improve their relationships, have children, change careers, start their own businesses, and align their lives with exciting, altruistic values that benefit both individuals and society at large.

With clarity you can take meaningful action in your life: spiritually, physically, professionally, and socially. You can eradicate limiting beliefs and overcome annoying and unnecessary feelings like low self-confidence, fear, avoidance behavior, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome.

Want To Learn More About Life Coaching In NYC?

Already interested in hiring a Life Coach in NYC? Interested in learning more about how Life Coaching could help you achieve your goals?

Because the city is so vibrant, it can be tricky to find a Life Coach in NYC that is committed to helping you find both direction and purpose. That’s why I am not your average “life coach for hire” who will take on every client that contacts me. Instead, I think the fit is vital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I offer two kinds of coaching: Buddhist Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching.

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you find purpose and direction while developing a deeper spiritual connection to life. This study is influenced by spiritual traditions, influenced by–but not limited to–Buddhism, as well as the Eastern and Western philosophical traditions.

Buddhist Life Coaching, on the other hand, helps prepare you for becoming a devoted Buddhist practitioner, and it provides a path for people who are passionately interested in Buddhism and want to study with a teacher.

Currently, I'm living between NYC and Mars Hill, North Carolina, building a hermitage in the mountains, and resuscitating a temple for Buddhist study and practice in Kyoto, Japan. Our Rolfing studio is on 5th Avenue in New York City, just a few blocks away from Union Square and Washington Square Park.

There's no need to be based in New York for us to work together. We can do sessions over the phone, or via Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world.