How to Rewrite Your Destiny with Meditation

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Play the Mindfulness of Breathing guided meditation followed by the Dharma talk, How to Rewrite Your Destiny with Meditation. Included below is a written summary of the Dharma talk. 

Dharma talk: How to rewrite your destiny

The real work involved in mediation is linguistic, and when you grasp this massively misunderstood fact then you can actually start rewriting your destiny. 

By slowing down your thoughts and creating more space, meditation helps you to notice the relationship between your sensations and the thoughts, beliefs, and notions to which your sensations give rise.

With a softer, more open awareness of your thoughts and sensations, you have the power to stop negative beliefs from grabbing you. Instead, you can choose what mindset you want to maintain. 

Using meditation you can develop the ability to freely interpret your experience so that you can guide events and phenomena in positive ways. You can maintain control over your mind and commit to coherent narratives that benefit your life and the lives of others. You can stop negative self-talk, and you can find words that describe and express the person you want to be. 

Shaping life with language is how you create your future self and how you change the course of your destiny.

You may have heard of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): an increasingly popular evidence-based therapy that departs from traditional psychology. 

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with meditation

CBT takes the approach of dealing with what we are conscious of.  CBT is “present-oriented.”

Simply put, CBT says that once you recognize your belief you have the opportunity to change it, as opposed to accepting the notion that humans are driven by unconscious or subconscious drives—mostly, according to Sigmund Freud,  the desire for love (Eros) or the fear of death (Thanatos).

For example, I may notice that it is raining on my birthday. And I may believe that it’s raining on my birthday because I’m a loser. And this belief will have certain negative outcomes in my life. Or— I may see the rain on my birthday as it is, a rainy day in the rainy season, and I can develop a new belief: the rain is here on my birthday and it is always here to greet me, to keep me company, the source of life, wishing me a happy birthday.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with meditation allows you to gain control over your reactions to experiences. And depending on what you think about your sensations, you will have a different story about your life e.g. the rain proves my failure vs. the rain is a gift.

rewrite your destiny

Your destiny happens linguistically

This entire  interpretive process happens linguistically — it happens in your thoughts, with language.  

That means if you use mindful breathing to slow down your thoughts  and pay attention to your linguistic reaction, to your experience—sometimes called self-talk—you will know what you are thinking. And then you can decide if what you’re thinking is what you want to think.  

This is why it is important to read, and especially important to read good things. Also, this is why reading is associated with wisdom.

The form our life takes depends on the language we use. So what you read influences your thoughts, your possibilities, and your linguistic understanding of yourself and your environment.

When we expose ourselves to linguistic diversity we change our destiny

You can think anything you want. But the possibility of what you can think is limited by that to which you’ve been linguistically exposed. 

For example, if you’ve never heard of Buddhism, then you can’t understand  the basic teaching of Buddhism: that you are Buddha and that Buddha is you. You can’t see a plant and understand that you and the plant are both Buddha and therefore that you and the plant fundamentally are one substance. 

If you have only been exposed to the teaching that you are a sinner forever and you have never heard another teaching, then no matter what you do you will think that you’re going to Hell as a sinner.

Religions present ways of fundamentally understanding our experience and our sensations. And you are free to choose how you want to interpret anything. You can be—or even switch back and forth between being— Buddhist, Calvinist, Jewish, Catholic, Jain, Hindu, Muslim, Shaman, or whatever you want. 

None of these spiritual views are fixed, and you can think what you want at any moment. So, there is no reason to choose a way of thinking that doesn’t make you happy.

But how do I define happiness? What view of happiness is the best view of happiness?

Personally, I like Buddhism because it’s coherent, thorough, complete, and aims to make the human experience happy for everyone and everything.

Buddhism has at its core the important teaching of One Mind. Therefore, in choosing thoughts, what might happen if you were to choose and meditate on thoughts that are the same as those of a Buddha. 

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Joshua Levy
Joshua Levy
I have bee seeing Soken for while now. If you have some sort of lingering physcial malady go see him, don't wait. He's pretty busy and it might take some time to get in so call right now. Some of my injuries and pain that I have had for years have been greatly relieved by his rolfing work and he's also just a great human being. I would totally go see him for his other services as well. Rolfing doesn't need to be super intense though it can be. He will calibrate to what you need
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Philippa Newman
I cannot recommend Soken highly enough. He will literally transform your life. I first came to meet Soken for his Rolfing services when I had been living with unbearable lower back pain for over a year. Numerous visits to doctors, various x-rays and months of physical therapy later, I was no better off and desperate to find an alternative solution. Having read about Rolfing as a technique, I discovered Soken's practice in NYC. I am now back pain free and able to do things I thought no longer possible. As I learned more about Soken during our Rolfing sessions, I became interested in his spiritual life coaching /contemplative guidance program. His carefully tailored program has given me enormous insight, and I am a better person, mother and leader as a result. Soken has a calming, peaceful and reassuring presence, and I am extremely grateful to have met him when I did.
A Rice
A Rice
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Maya Kumits
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Marni Gordon
Marni Gordon
I highly recommend Soken as he's a fantastic coach! Soken really helped me set clear goals and measures, helped me to get to insight, and ensures that I have a strong action plan with accountability in every session. Soken's coaching helped me overcome the fear of taking the next step. Soken is sensitive and provides compassionate support through the process.
faraz khan
faraz khan
Soken is an exceptionally intelligent person who seems to understand any multiple of bodily issues. I've been struggling with a reoccurring injury the past few years, and already after the first session I can sense a lot of good has been done. I highly recommend him to anyone 😊
Shonni Silverberg
Shonni Silverberg
I got to know Soken as a client of his Rolfing practice, where his expertise was immeasurably valuable in treating my plantar fasciitis. During the COVID crisis, Soken introduced me to meditation. Practicing under his guidance has been extremely helpful in these turbulent times. Shonni J. Silverberg, M.D., New York, NY
Anaina Mascovich
Anaina Mascovich
The meditation guidance and talk last night was phenomenal. I have had instruction on Metta meditation before, but your explanation offered so much wisdom and direct understanding. Much Gratitude to You Soken.
Lena Elkousy
Lena Elkousy
This review is long overdue, and I would give 10 stars if I could. I cannot recommend Soken's work highly enough. Rolfing is an investment in my physical and emotional health that I wish I had made long ago. To put it quite simply, Soken has changed my life. When we work together, he listens to what I say and what my body says, and works with me right where I am. He is a true healer. In our first series of sessions, he permanently relieved shoulder/neck pain and unfurled a chronic knot that no amount of years of deep tissue massage could even touch. One side of my ribcage was bound with fascia and scar tissue from physical and emotional trauma, to the point that I couldn't breathe into my lower right lung without feeling cramping in surrounding muscles. Over a few sessions, he set me free, and you can actually see the difference in the shape of my ribs. In a series other sessions, he relieved sharp cramping in my feet that I've dealt with since childhood. As a yogi and meditator myself, I find Soken's integrative approach quite profound. Do yourself a favor and an act of self love: and go see this wizard.
Stella Nyla Jules
Stella Nyla Jules
Soken has been transformational in improving and diminishing the increasing pain in my neck and shoulder that traditional physical therapies failed to resolve. His patience, caring, and intuition are top notch.


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